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268 Euclid Avenue, apt 4
Oakland, CA, 94610
United States


Roberta Piantavigna conservator of photographs


   Services offered in conservation of photography.

  • Identifying the photographic processes
  • Condition reports
  • Treatments on fine art and historical photographs
  • Evaluation of damage on all types of photographic support
  • Consultations on preservation of photograph collections
  • Providing general conservation advice, assistance and training regarding environment conditioning
  • On site inspection

Historical and technical knowledge of the following supports:

  • Negatives: calotype, collodion wet plate negative, collodion dry plate negative, gelatin dry plate negative, rool film, sheet film, cellulose nitrate film, cellulose di-acetate film, cellulose tri-acetate film, polyethylene terephtalate

  • Positives: daguerreotype, ambrotype, tintype; Salted paper print, albumen print, silver gelatin print (DOP and POP), Cyanotype, Gum dichromate print, carbon print, woodburytype, collotype, platinotype, RC print, instant B/W photograph, chromogenic color print, Cibachrome, Dye Transfer, Polacolor, SX-70. Autochrome plate, Dufaycolor, Uvachrome; major digital print processes: continuous-tone and halftone image.

Knowledge in the field:

  • Knowledge of the material components, their causes of deterioration, effects and preservation problems
  • Knowledge of conservative and preventive treatments specific for individual items or collections
  • Basic knowledge of paper conservation applied to photography
  • Handling, display and storage: knowledge of the general and specific devices to follow
  • Storage. Knowledge of the criteria to preserve photographic supports, according to specific needs for a good conservation they request (T, RH, light)
  • Technical knowledge and ability in digitization, reproduction and archiving of photographs and in writing conservation reports
  • Building and optimization of software for managing reports on the status of entire collections with Filemaker.